About Us

We at Barter Trade aim to provide the best trading experience for trading cryptocurrencies in a highly secure, stable, and efficient environment for traders across the globe.

About Us

Established in 2017, Barter Trade is a 21st century digital assets trading platform. We aim to provide efficiency through a complete ecosystem for online financial traders, both newcomers and professionals/institutions.

With our extensive industry experience in both traditional and crypto markets, we recognized the need for an innovative platform in the cryptocurrency realm. An exchange that provides the user with an all-encompassing, reliable and safe experience while maintaining a user friendly, efficient and functional interface.

Barter Trade envision providing the market with the most innovative solutions, through our competent and dedicated team. In addition to being a cutting edge platform, providing a great user experience, we make no compromise on the security of user funds. We go to great lengths to provide protection from every know type of attack and vulnerability.

As shown in our roadmap, we are marketing a working product. At the time of the ICO, Barter Trade will have a fully functional platform, providing early users with nothing less than promised.

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