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Foundational Three Pillars

Providing an extensive smart contract audits, penetration tests and a situational awareness platform to predict vulnerabilities and threats before they occur.


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Barter Trade is a promise to our users not to mine their data in order to trade against them. We strive to communicate openly to the public as well as open-source our code to all. Barter Trade reserves and quarterly buy back systems will be controlled and transparent, at all times. All trading volume will be real and unaltered.

Barter Trade order books will be near instant and highly efficient in matching trades with a variety of unique cutting-edge order types offered, not traditionally seen in digital asset exchanges before.

Key Features

Algo Trading

BarterTrade will be the first exchange to introduce Algo trading in the crypto market space. Algo trading will allow users to customise their bots according to their trading indicators through a simple and easy to use interface (i.e. without coding anything). The scripts will execute buy, sell and stop loss orders for the user as per the conditions set in the script. Sometimes the crypto markets can be too volatile and it can also be humanly impossible to be fast enough when placing orders manually. Thus they can easily miss out on a buy order or locking in profits in fast moving conditions.

In many cases it is also psychological factors (fear, greed and uncertainty) that keep you from executing planned orders. AI algorithms can easily overcome this because bots don't act upon emotions and are therefore able to execute the orders as per the pre-conditions set in their script.

Social Trading

The primary goal of social trading is to provide the best trading experience for our users. Social trading is a unique way to trade, interact, learn trading and earn while trading, all at one place.

Social trading consists of Copy trading, news feed and social earning. Here, you can easily trade just by copying a fellow trader from the leaderboard where Masters are ranked based on their reputation badges which are earned by the activity and success rate of the traders. NewsFeed lets you interact while trading by posting your sentiments to public in a 180 word character limited format.

Best thing about Social trading is, it lets you earn while you trade. Masters who opt in for transparency will earn a 40% commission on transaction fees generated from their followers. They also get to keep a commission on profits earned by their followers ranging from 0-10%.


Battlegrounds is trading gamified. Play and compete while you trade crypto assets and win exciting prizes. Be it spot pairs or derivatives pairs; there will always be competitions and tournaments going on at Barter Trade's Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a unique platform where traders can enjoy an element of fun and entertainment while trading. You would trade either way, why not participate in a tournament while you do your regular trading and be eligible to win some exciting prizes?

Security Elements

  • 2FA/3FA
  • IP Registration
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Notifications
  • Anti DDOS Protection
  • Anti-Phishing System
  • Multisignature Wallets
  • Offline Cold Storage
  • Hardware wallet support

BART Token Economics and its utilities

BART Token Economics

Token Generation Event Structure & Metrics

Token ticker: BART

BART supply: 240,000,000



Usage - 172,800,000 BART(72%)

  • Company token reserve: 30% - (OPEX): 72,000,000 BART(Locked, with a vesting period of 60 months, with 20% released every 12 months.)
  • Team allocation: 12% - 28,800,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 48 months, with 25% released every 12 months):
  • Advisory allocation: 4.5% - 10,800,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 36 months, with 16.66% released every 6 months):
  • Bounty, Airdrop and community incentivisation rewards: 10% - 24,000,000 BART
  • Marketing: 15.5% - 37,200,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 24 months, with 16.66% released every 4 months)

Funding - 67,200,000 BART(28%)

  • Pre-sale 20% :48,000,000 BART
  • Public sale 8% :19,200,000 BART

BART Token Utility and its Benefits

The Barter Trade platform will house its own utility token, which can be used to unlock many in-exchange features, thus extending a myriad of benefits to users on the platform.


  • BART can be used to pay for fees on the Barter Trade exchange platform
  • BART can be used in the voting events related to the Barter Trade platform.
  • 40% Discounts will be given to exchange participants that utilize BART to pay for fees.
  • Up-to 100% discount on trading fee for BART holders (depending on the number of tokens a user holds)
  • Exclusive airdrops, rewards, and bounties for BART holders.
  • Exclusive trading competitions with amazing rewards for BART holders.


  • Social trading: BART will be used to pay the commission/fee to the master traders on the Social trading platform.
  • Algo trading: BART will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of Bots on the Algo platform. Be it, custom made bots by traders or exclusive advanced AI bots by Barter Trade.
  • Battlegrounds: Exclusive, high rewarding tournaments for BART holders. Prioritizing Battleground events rewards in BART wherever possible.
  • Early access to BarterTrade's advanced features for BART holders.

Repurchasing Plan for BART:

Every quarter, at least 15% of profits will be used to buy back BART and burn them until 50% of all BART have been repurchased and destroyed so that only 120m BART remains after this exercise. All buy-back transactions will be announced to the community prior to occurrence. Users will be able to review the buy-back via blockchain explorer.


Q3 2017
R&D and Current Structure Analysis
Q1 2018
Product Conceptualization
Q1 2018
Financial Assessment
Q2 2018
Acquisition of Team and Resources
Q2 2018
Barter Trade Founded
Q2 2018
Development commenced
Q3 2018
White Paper Release
Q4 2018
MVP completed
Q1 2019
System Architecture Completed
Q1 2019
Whitepaper Version 1.1 Released
Q2 2019
Exchange Alpha completed
Q2 2019
Internal testing and Bug hunting
Q2 2019
Exchange Beta Released with Spot trading
Q2 2019
Closed Bug bounty and Beta testing
Q3 2019
PIE algorithm integrated
Q3 2019
Public Bug bounty and Beta testing
Q2 2020
Q3 2020
Public sale
Q4 2020
Platform Launch
Q1 2021
Algo trading
Q1 2021
Margin trading
Q1 2021
Android and IOS mobile applications
Q1 2021
Social trading
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
Crypto to Fiat gateway
Q4 2021
Bartertrade DTA
Q4 2021
Bartertrade EAZYPAY
Q4 2021
Barter DEX

Core Team

Anurag Yadav

CEO & Co-founder

Master's in Business, Stanford University.

Anurag Yadav is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain Consultant, and a regular speaker at Blockchain Conferences. He has over seventeen years of experience, has led Global Organizations, and has lived and worked in several countries. Currently, he is the Co-Founder & CEO of PrimaFelicitas LLC, a leading Blockchain Consultancy and an end-to-end Blockchain Technology Solutions Development Company, based in San Francisco, London, and New Delhi. PrimaFelicitas is focussed on developing innovative Blockchain products for Governments, Enterprises, and start-ups in the FinTech, Energy, Securities, Healthcare, Digital Commerce, Real Estate, and Payment Settlement sectors. Anurag is an Engineering Graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and holds a Master's in Business from the Stanford University.
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Alexi Anania

CBDO & Co-founder

M.Sc in Digital Currency, University of Nicosia

Alexi has been an early contributor to Barter Trade on a structural level, his strengths lie in advisory with regard to metrics, token utility, exchange dynamics as well as providing key contingency planning along the roadmap. Alexi is currently studying an MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia, where he has been accepted on multiple scholarships. He is currently working as an intern and Blockchain researcher at Cambridge university. He comes with a broad contact network within the blockchain industry, having been involved for several years. He is able to leverage off a cache of industry knowledge acquired through being a Senior Blockchain Analyst for SEAL.capital. Alexi is also a contributor of the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, the FedPayments Improvement System as well as the ConsenSys Brooklyn Project where he contributes to frameworks and working groups. Alexi has facilitated various industry partnerships with SEAL including Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and more.
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Milan Shoukri


Double M.sc in Intl Business Management from University of Groningen

Milan holds a double M.Sc (with Honours) from the University of Groningen in International Business & Management. He also holds a MSc from Newcastle University Business School in International Marketing. He has been active in the cryptocurrency industry for about three years now, focusing on marketing, community management, business development and operational related tasks. Milan has a past experience of working as a CMO for English community at Lomostar for about 2 years, Marketing and sales manager at Mouth Vision for nearly 1 year and is currently working as a marketing manager at Zilliqa.
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Priti Upadhyay


Executive Education and Market driving strategies, London School of Business

Priti is the Co-founder & CTO of Primafelicitas, an end-to-end custom Blockchain technology solutions development company with offices in San Francisco, London, and Delhi. She has over 22 years of experience in delivering high-end Enterprise Solutions. She has worked on several large scale implementations of CRMNext that has been consistently listed for several years on the prestigious Gartner's Magic Quadrant against the likes of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. In the past 8 years, she has also delivered several cutting-edge solutions for startups and SMEs including those for Silicon Valley-based businesses. She has also worked for both private and institutional clients, collaborating with leading Banking & Financial Industry organizations. She is a PMP Certified Project Management Professional with her highest education at London Business School. She has extensive experience in Blockchain and has developed Wallets, internal & external exchanges, Centralized & Decentralized exchanges, and Lending cryptocurrency platforms. She has also worked at the Testnet & Mainnet levels on - several Blockchain systems - both Permissioned & Permissionless - including Ethereum, NEO, EOS, Quorum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger, and Stellar. With her deep technical insights, today, she helps her clients decide the most appropriate technology stack for their specific use-case and then build, deploy, and maintain it.
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Henri Horden

Business architect

Business engineering, Hogeschool van Utrecht

Over the last years and during his career Henri completed business development at GDF Business university and Business Transformation at Vlerick Business School. Nowadays he improves business performance at top companies around the world, by sharing his years of experience and business know-how in interactive workshops and coaching processes. He is specialized in optimizing innovation, sales and service performance. In the more than twenty years he gathered expertise and knowledge in various business roles with various management organizations, of which the last 10 years as consultant, trainer and inspirator with worldwide customers. Henri has more than 10,000 hours of guidance on his account during those 10 years, resulting in catchy, sometimes completely stunning results. He is also a public speaker about sales, leadership and social innovation, connected to crypto technology since 2017 and lately part of the advisory board of Barter Trade.
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William Paul Perone


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Real Time Interactive Simulation

Will is a serial entrepreneur, digital entertainment, and fintech industry veteran as well as a crypto enthusiast. He taught himself to program games at age of eleven, and later graduated with honors from DigiPen. He went on to create multiple top selling mobile games supporting Glu Mobile's IPO in 2007 while creating programs to optimize his own finances as a hobby. After working for famed entrepreneur Sam Altman, he was inspired to start his first company, Andrograde Arcade in 2008. While at Andrograde, he developed a currency and microtransactions platform to support Andrograde freemium games, leading him to spinoff a company for the microtransaction economy platform later acquired by PayPal in 2010. Will moved into leadership roles at successful online game developers Gree and Kixeye before moving on to co-found a 3rd development studio company in 2013 named Wicked Fun. Most recently applying his development experience for Nvidia, Will became increasingly interested in the crypto coin space. He began day trading in 2017, developing a high frequency trading solution for his own needs. Seeing a gap in the crypto space for an easily accessible, crypto advisory and high frequency trading platform for new investors, he launched his own crypto startup in 2019. Will is currently the CTO of Flourishing Capital, where he runs technology and product design from the Research Triangle in North Carolina.
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Eric Gonzalez


Masters Accounting and Business/Management

Eric is a serial entrepreneur, sales leader, internet technology veteran, and crypto enthusiast. Eric began programming at the University of Texas, pioneering online student testing prior to widespread software as a service adoption in the late 1990's. He moved on to technology sales leadership roles at fast growth silicon valley startups such as Oracle-NetSuite and Aria between 2001 and 2010, leading both to market leading positions, and eventually IPO. Seeing a gap in microtransaction platforms for digital media properties, he launched Doubloon, a virtual economy, billing, and microtransaction platform for digital properties. After acquisition, Eric took on roles leading technical sales teams at a succession of startups in the payments and digital entertainment space, including Funium, Volume 11 Media, Determine, and Changepoint. Eric became a day trader in 2017, increasingly interested in high frequency crypto trading based on blockchain analysis after analysis of common trading bots. Eric is on the advisory boards of several crypto and fintech startups based in Austin Texas, where he is based. Seeing a gap in the crypto space for an easily accessible, crypto advisory and high frequency trading platform for new investors, he joined Flourishing Capital as its CEO in 2019.
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Garlam Won

Marketing Advisor

Former Head of Marketing, Harmony

Garlam was behind the marketing of some of the most successful projects including Harmony, Sandbox, MANTRADAO and KAVA. As an ex-investment banker at JP Morgan & ex-Management consultant at Deloitte, Garlam exerts influence in various parts of the blockchain ecosystem through his in-depth connections with the communities in China, Korea, Canada and US. In 2018 Garlam was featured on Forbes
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Prakash Sharma


Founder Hitaishin infotesh PVT Ltd & Founder Hyperbeans

Enriched with 17+ years in IT and consultation. Mr Prakash is an enthusiast and entrepreneur with demonstrated history of providing consultation to IT and Blockchain projects. He is the Founder of Hitaishin Infotech Pvt Ltd and Hyperbeans (USA). He has been providing consultation and development services to various elite projects of MNC's worldwide(Under NDA), which are related to Blockchain, IOT and IT. Due to his vast reputation and experience in consultation and management, He was recently chosen as the director(USA) of World book of records.
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Partners & Associates

Bart Defi Stacking

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